When Your Laptop Breaks at the Wrong Time

Military families live off of Murphy's Law that states, "Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong." Normally this only applies during deployments, but I just so happened to be struck by good ole' Murphy when I had just gotten back on campus and my parents were hours away on their way back on another six hour drive back home.

Murphy decided to attack my laptop. When laptops break, the hard drive is generally destroyed or the screen breaks. I, however, am unable to charge my laptop. No, this was not the power supply that got ruined. It was the actual charging port. It literally fell out of my laptop. It was perfectly fine over spring break, all last week, and then decided to completely detach from the motherboard of my laptop two hours after returning to campus.

Things just always have to go wrong either right before leave or right after I arrive at my destination. Of course everything had to hit the fan when my parents were too far away to turn around. My father used to be in IT before he enlisted in the military, so if he was closer, he would have gladly turned the car around to take a look at it and try to make it so that I have my laptop up and running for tomorrow. Now, I am stuck mailing it to him tomorrow morning six hours away at the other end of Georgia in hopes that it will be up and running in my dorm room by the end of next week for class work because you cannot be a college student majoring in mass communications without a laptop.

As I sit here writing this on a school desktop, I sit here listening to the "Hamilton" soundtrack to make my night and make the start of the second half of the semester less brutal. Hopefully this second half will turn around for me, but I shall see. I just have to keep on hanging in there and trust that my father will have my laptop back to me in one piece in the next couple of weeks.