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Time Management

As a child growing up, I’m sure your parents always told you that time does not wait for no one. I’m sure that they also made it very clear that time does not stop for anyone either. Now, as a child, you don’t really understand what those sayings mean or the places they come from. As you grow into adulthood, you will sooner or later figure out what those sayings mean. You can either handle that hassle the easy way or hard way. The hard way is when your life ends up in complete shambles and you’re under so much stress your hair is falling out. The easy way, which is also the best way, is when you learn to master the skill of time management. Time management can determine the outcome of things, your experiences, and also other crucial things. Time management isn’t just a skill you master overnight, it takes the habit into getting into things like an schedule. College students struggle with time management the most and it’s mainly because they don’t have anyone to stay on their case while holding their hands. In order to keep your head above the water in life, you need consistency and structure. Time management provides people with both of those key things. Planners and schedules are a huge part of time management. They help you document the things that you need to do in order to keep up.


For example, whenever you get a new assignment make sure you document it in your planner when it’s due and which days you’ll have the time to do it. Make sure that you created a slot in your schedule for everything you need to get do and when it needs to be done. Now, I know being on a set schedule and planning your life months ahead seems like a drag and a boring life, but I promise it’s better than feeling like you’re drowning from responsibility. The better grip you have on your life and things in it can determine how happy of a person you are and it also can determine the success you will accomplish in life. So, if no one has ever told you this before I’m telling you now, time does not wait for anyone and it’s also not going to stop for you to get it all together. Therefore, manage it while you still can and show time who’s really in control.

Hello everyone,  My name is Azayla Rodriguez and I'm a Junior at Brenau University. I am majoring in Communications with a concentration in Journalism and Media. Also, my minor is Dance.  I've been dancing since I was 4 years old and it is truly a passion for me. My other passion is writing along with music. I found my passion for writing as a Junior is high school and I found my niche for feature/magazine writing my second year at Brenau.  I hope you all enjoy my blogs!
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