Thoughts Of Someone With Social Anxiety

Have you ever wanted to be apart of something so badly that you just get overwhelmed and start crying? You feel broken and defeated, empty and numb, just because you cannot get the courage to ask simple questions or to even TRY. Whether that something is a sports team, a club, a sorority, or maybe even just a group of friends. No matter what you still feel defeated. It sucks. It leaves a pit in your stomach and that never seems to be resolved.

“Sooner or later,” you think, “I’ll become fixated on something else” but there is still the urge, that want in the back of your head, knowing that all you have to do is speak up, to say a few words, but you know if you do then you will end up in the bathroom, or your car, or your room, somewhere secluded, where you can just cry.

You just do not know how they will react.

Will they laugh at you?

Will they end up just forgetting about you?

Or maybe you will not even make it that far, maybe you will go to open your mouth and nothing will come out?

Those thoughts just keep circling and circling in your head. Is all of this worth the pain you feel in your chest?