We all remember move-in day. The stressfulness of making sure your room is homey enough and that you have snacks to last you a lifetime. We all remember the first person we spoke to and of course the first night with our new roommate. We definitely will never forget the mini anxiety attack that every single parent had right before they pulled off. As they pulled away, mentally and physically, they didn’t stop waving until you were completely out of sight, and you were standing there, with your new Brenau sisters, fake smiling, while thinking SMH (Shaking My Head) …. parents. Well, all of a sudden they went from calling you every hour to calling every other week. The 2-hour phone calls stop. They stop bringing you food and you began to wonder what in the world are they doing without me.

I am a Junior at Brenau and I can say that I try to talk to my parents at least once a day. First ring, no questions asked, they would answer. Well, now that my brother is in college my parents have an empty nest.  Ever since then, everything changed. Let me tell you, my parents are having a blast. They may not answer my phone calls but I guarantee you that they will send me a picture from their sideline view of a basketball game or going to the new braves stadium. One day my dad accidently sent me his location and he was at the airport. I called him thinking they were going to see my brother in Louisiana, nope he told me that they are going on a “baecation”. I asked him if he told his boss that and ever since he got a promotion he always uses “I am the boss.” I didn’t hear from them for a week.

All I know is, they never did any of these things when I was in high school and to this day I will not get an invite. Maybe I am the only one feeling like this but I cannot believe my parents. They are just traveling the world, living life, making memorize without me and my brother. My brother was appalled too. He called me and we had a conference about our parent’s actions and although it hurt us to say that we honestly just missed their attention, we came to the conclusion that our parents deserved every last bit of happiness.

I do not know about you guys, but my brother and I were a hand full. Colby and I teamed up and worked together. To them, it seemed like we were stressing them out but we were just being kids. From late not doctor visits to parent-teacher conferences to track meets, basketball games, ballet recitals, debate competition, our parents always made a star appearance. For everything my brother and I participated in, they made sure they were there, in their best gear with our name and number stamped across the back. I remember when my brother was on the chest team and during competition you were not allowed to make any noise, but every time Colby just touched a peace, my parents would cheer, my dad screaming: “That’s my boy!” while my mom screaming: “Go Cole, go Cole!!” Yes, we got kicked out.  My parents are the best. Even if we lost they always confirmed that we won. Our parents taught use lessons that will last us a lifetime and I can look at myself in the mirror today and say “Wow, my parents did a good job.” Even when mistakes happen, and I feel lost I know what to do because of them.

So, I guess you can say they deserves some space, but boy I miss my parents. They crack me up and the fact that my mom will probably read this and think that SMH means So Many Hugs just makes me SMH (Shake My Head) laugh and think…. Parents.