Sex and Self-care

    It’s a Tuesday evening in the sub at Brenau University and it’s full of women talking and eating tacos with a huge sign that says, “Let’s Taco About Sex.” The room is filled with tables of free condoms for both male and female, info cards regarding vaginal health, lube, and etc. Every single woman walked into the room with faces full of smiles, excitement, and some even confusion. These women had no idea the type of night they were about to begin to experience. 

    Her Campus, a student organization at Brenau University, hosted a “Sex and Self-care” event for all women of the Brenau community. The event encouraged young women to come out and learn more about vaginal health and the importance of masturbation in relation to their self-care. The purpose of this event was for young women to leave more knowledgeable about their concerns for their bodies or sexual experiences and to educate them on all their curiosities. 

    The conversations that were held during this event ranged from many different topics such as how to treat a yeast infection, what to do when dealing with a new sexual partner, how to become open to more things sexually with your partner, etc. While it was encouraged for fellow peers to answer the anonymous questions pulled from the bucket, there was someone there who was able to guide the conversation in the right direction. Amanda Turner who is a licensed professional counselor and a clinical sexologist attended the event to be able to educate and inform young women about their questions and concerns. Turner said, “I love the opportunity to be able to educate young women on their health and the importance of sex for them. I also think it’s important for them to understand how masturbation can be such a self-caring activity.” 

    During the event, there were many raffle prizes for the guest that had some interesting goodies in them. Mockia Vaughn, a junior at Brenau University said, “I was so excited to win my raffle prize because I never win anything. But, when I looked inside my bag, I almost cried because I had won a free and nice vibrator and I really needed it.” However, Vaughn was not the only person at the event getting some of the good stuff. There were 12 raffle prizes in total and Her Campus even gave the first 15 people a free pleasure kit which includes a vibrator, lube, condoms, etc. 

    Charlene Hendricks, President of Her Campus said, “One day HC received a brunch of pleasure kits and we thought it would be perfect to host an event on vaginal health and pleasure. We especially thought it was prominent for Brenau because it’s so many girls on campus who do not know the importance of their pleasure during sex or the need for masturbation in general.” As the young ladies finished their conversations and tacos, there was a huge piñata to bust open at the end of the event. The piñata was filled with condoms, lube, candy, dental dams, and more vibrators! Every women in the room may have had a different experience, but they all left more knowledgeable about their sex and self-care than before.