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Sara Jane’s Guide To Tinder

Sara Jane’s definitive guide to Tinder
Yes. I am talking about that Tinder. Don’t pretend like you don’t lay in your bed at 2am swiping right or left, it’s okay. Let’s be honest, I do, too. It’s a fun app that can be pretty addicting. Whether you are procrastinating homework or just bored, Tinder is a solution. From hilarious pickup lines to weird Bio’s Tinder never fails to make me laugh. If you have a Tinder or decide to download the app, here is my definitive guide to a great time on Tinder. 
1. Choose an age setting that you are most comfortable with.
I keep my age range at 20-22, but your age range is totally up to you. I just advise that you don’t get too crazy and put your range at 18-36, or anything with that big of a range. The bigger the range the more people you see, but then you have more people to weed through. And only choose ages that you are comfortable with, if you would freak out if a man that’s 36 “matches” with you don’t include that age!
2. Find a comfortable range.
The range setting comes in real handy! You can keep the range from one mile all the way to 100 miles away from where you are. One awesome thing about Gainesville is you can set your range to 40 miles and pick up people at the University of Georgia and at North Georgia. It is very convenient. Also remember that the bigger the range the more people that will appear for you to weed through. The app goes by your location on your phone so as you travel your location changes and you will appear in other areas. Where you are could change where you want to set your range so keep that in mind.
3. Be Careful at what you post in your Bio.
Yes I know having a cute Bio is a must, but remember that anyone, and I repeat anyone, can view your Bio. Someone 100 miles away that is 54 years old can read your bio even if he doesn’t match your age range or mileage range. If you are in someone else’s range your bio can be seen. If you put your Snapchat username expect lots of people adding you, if you connect your Instagram expect follows or likes. If you want to keep that private by all means keep it private. And simple is more! You don’t need a bio that is longer than a Tweet you can publish. It’s a turnoff. Keep it simple and leave them wanting to know you more, which could lead to a match or even messaging.
4. Pictures are everything and a variety is key.
You can have up to six pictures in your profile, and each picture must come from your linked Facebook account. Putting all six pictures is a little much, a good number is 3-5. Guys want to know that you have a good time; a candid or silly picture makes a profile. Always have at least one picture of at least you or make sure they can tell which person you are in the picture. Guys like to know what they are swiping for. And mirror selfies, duckfaces, and pictures kissing another guy are definite no goes. Instant swipe left. 
5. Don’t be afraid to message first!
It’s the 21st century and we are all in college! Be a woman and message him first. A flirty or funny pickup line usually works best. Catch the guy off guard with what you say. Grab his attention and he will definitely notice. And don’t freak out if you get hit with that no message back. It’s Tinder you will most likely never meet the person. Like ever. Some of my favorite lines are: Hey, heyyyyyy,  Heyy ;), and depending on how I’m really feeling maybe a little Sup hot stuff. 
Have Fun! Honestly who gets on Tinder with the expectation of finding their husband? It’s not Match.com and sometimes you swipe left on that really hot guy you have a mega crush on and you don’t want to pay the monthly fee to undo the swipe. Other times you accidentally swipe right on the not so cute guy, then you “match”, then you have the hard decision of disappointing the guy by deleting the match after he gets a match notification because he wasn’t really that cute. Oops. 
PR/Journalism Major at Brenau University. Brenau Golf Team. Alpha Delta Pi.
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