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Mother’s Knows Best

August 9, 2017 is a day that will forever be embedded in my memory. The time has come. I whispered to myself, “You’ve had a long and semi-enjoyable summer now it time to come back, and the good news is that you are one step closer to your dream job in Washington D.C.”

I placed my suitcase, storage bins, bedding on the floor in front of the door as I struggled to retrieve my room key from my snug, black, Good American jeans. After managing to open the door, I mumbled, “I’ll sweep around my own front porch, mow my own lawn, clean my own dishes, and I hope that she will do the ….”

“Cierra,” my mother interjected! “Sweetie, I am a bit confused, why are you referring to grass, dishes, and loads of other responsibilities that are taken care of by the school.”

“Mama, you are aware of the  experience I had last year. It was far from ideal,” I cried. “Cierra, I understand, but remember new year, new roommate, and a new experience”, she stated. “This could possibly be the best year of your life, and you cannot even see it because of your preconceived notions. I am certain that your roommate will be a wonderful girl.” We bowed our heads for a word of prayer. My mom prayed for me to have a wonderful semester, and great understanding between my roommate and I. She affirmed that my first year of college would be life changing.

Fast-forward one month later, and I must admit “Mothers know best”. Yanan aka Skye has put to shame my silly preconceived notions, has loved me past my flaws, is teaching me how to be a sister and have flawless skin, and most of all how to put the past to bed setting my sights on the future. I am not certain where  our relationship will go in the next few months or even years,  but I am certain that our days will be filled with Ramen, singing Chinese love songs, venting about life, and laughing uncontrollably. Yanan has managed to leave an imprint on my heart, and I am forever grateful.    

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