Last Time- A Poem About 9/11

Last Time:

When I told you goodbye

I didn’t know it would be for the last time

My expectations were that I would see you again

At dinner

Watching you as you scarf down mom’s meat loaf

Moving your eyes from me

To the vomiting broccoli

I didn’t want to eat

But I ate it for you,


When I told you goodbye,

I realized

In that moment that there is nothing good

About watching you drive off in your red truck

There is nothing good

About waiting by the door all day

There is nothing good about missing

Your arms wrap around me like a shield

So, I told myself

In that moment that next time I will say

See you later

But there was no next time

I waited by the door

You never came

I waited at the table and my broccoli sat there

Mom cried

Grandma came

Family dressed in black

I never saw that red truck again

Everyone told you goodbye this time

For the last time, 

I stood over you

And whispered, 

See you later, dad.


Although 9/11 has passed, we should never forget about the families that have a constant reminder what 9/11 did to their family. We have children growing up without fathers and mothers and we only recognize the day while they remember that day everyday. Please do not forget about the little girl growing up without a father and the little boy who struggles without a mother. This day will never be forgotten. This poem is dedicated to the families that still remember the phone call, the news, and the sound of 9/11 ringing in their ears.

Photo credits go to on Flickr.