"Insomnia or Just a Workaholic?"

Sleep has always been an important aspect of my life. I mean, I love to sleep, who doesn’t? When I’m lying in bed comfortably about to fall asleep, I’m probably the most happiest person in the world. I probably love my bed more than I love food or anything else, which is a pretty major thing for me. Well, when I was a sophomore in high school, I was going through this wacky thing with my sleep schedule and just being able to sleep in general. I was pretty sure, in my head, that I had insomnia. In high school, I was always pretty busy and sleep was something that I was rarely able to do so, therefore, when I was able to actually get some real good sleep, I slept for hours and hours. I would stay up for hours and hours at night, sometimes even when I had to be up when the sun was rising, but I would just roll out of bed and start my day running off of no sleep and I would be perfectly fine. I just remembered how I desperately just wanted to get some sleep and I felt terrible, which brings me to my life currently. My sleep is fading away from me again and I do not know how to regain it back. I was wondering that maybe this is just the irregular college sleeping schedule, but I’m slowly starting to think it’s insomnia again. Sometimes, I just think it’s all in my head and I'm too busy to even rest. It’s absolutely crazy that, in my downtime whenever I do have some, I would rather finish assignments that aren’t do for weeks than sleep. Everytime I try to fall asleep, I’m always thinking about things that I have to do and how and/or when I’m going to do them. Maybe, my insomnia has turned me into a workaholic. I should probably try to think about my sleep more than my work. For now on, I’m vowing to choose my sleep over my assignments, but we’ll see how long that last. Image result for work books

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Azayla B. Rodriguez