"I'm Rooting For You, Dove"

“I’m rooting for you, Dove.”


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People, people, people. Let’s talk about my newest profound obsession with Dove soap. Unlike some people, my skin sometimes becomes extremely dry, especially in the winter, and I was trying my hardest to find a soap that won't dry my skin out so bad. First I was using this soap called “Ivory” and it was wonderful. This soap felt so good and smooth on my skin which made me the happiest girl in the world. The ironic thing is I thought I was going to be using this soap forever and it was irreplaceable to the fact that is was not getting any better than this soap. But, all of sudden, I take a visit home one weekend and my mother put this new soap inside of my bathroom. So, instead of having a closed mind about this soap, I decided to try it and my life changed. This soap was extremely appealing and it also smelt so wonderful. The soap was the pink/rosa Dove soap and when I used this soap it took me to a flowery wonderland. I fell completely in love with this soap, and just when I thought it could not get any better, I found a Shea butter Dove soap also. I brag about this soap to everyone. I, honestly, feel like I’ve become some type of promoter for Dove soap persuading my fellow citizens to buy/try these new types of Dove soaps. Everytime I get the chance to use these soaps, I instantly get this overwhelming feeling of happiness and I’ve never been so excited to use soap. Whenever I tell people about my new soap obsession, people look at me like I’m very peculiar, which there's no argument there, but also, they haven't experienced what I have with these Dove soaps. I encourage every last person to try these soaps and I just know Dove will not let us down. Dove is going to continue making these amazing soaps and we’re going to continue to fall in love with them, I just know it. I’m already claiming it, that if Dove let’s me down, I am going to be very heartbroken; therefore don’t break my heart Dove. I’m rooting for you, Dove. Image result for dove soap pink

Azayla B. Rodriguez