Growing up and Accepting Responsibility

Every morning I wake up start the same. I wake up at 9am by my brutal alarm that terrifies me every morning and I quickly hit the okay button knowing it is not okay and I am going back to sleep for another hour. My body wakes up at 10am exactly usually. From 10 am to 10:01 am, I feel like I have a clean slate and my life is starting over. You know that feeling you have for two seconds where you feel like you are opening your eyes for the first time? Where you have no obligations? Just living life.

Then reality hits you in the face harder than your morning breath and you realize even though it’s a new day, it isn't a new life. The thing is… it doesn't have to be like that. Why can't every day be a new life or a new you? Each day we live we age, we change, and we experience, so why can't we be new?

When I was a kid people told me to cherish my childhood because one day I would grow up. Everything would be different with new responsibilities and obligations. 

Of course as a kid I didn't understand why growing up and being an adult with responsibilities would be something I couldn't cherish. Then I realized responsibilities tend to form into a monster, etching its way towards me, trying to take up my every being. I don’t want to accept it, but I have to.

You see, the worst thing about growing up is growing up. You’re no longer the innocent child waiting for your mother to feed and bathe you, nor are you the innocent teen finding things out for yourself. Some things are not so magical anymore. You don’t wonder where money comes from, or how electricity works, and how numbers can be in math. Being an adult is like being a magician that knows all the tricks. The only upside is that with responsibility comes knowledge, and God knows we need more knowledge.

My advice for how to deal with growing up is just letting it happen and find your own magic.