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As we all wanna-be fashionistas know, New York fashion week is approaching. In honor of the edgy, effortless creations on the fashion runway. I wanted to create an article that lets you in on a few tips I use to get that high fashion look without the high price. 


  1. Screenshot was created for more than just lurking:

I know ladies love the screenshot right? Because sometimes, we just have to expose some people. But, that’s another subject for another day. Screenshot can be handy in finding similar runway looks by piecing together outfits. I probably take pictures of 20 outfits or looks that i want to recreate. Whether I find them on celebrities or on my favorite store’s app, they all come in handy when I’m shopping online or in the store.


  1. Thrift stores are better than outlet stores:

Thrifting has become one of the trends in the fashion world. Like my dad has always said, “Everything just comes back around again and again.” History repeats its self as we went back to wearing big clothes like in the 90’s. What better way to create your own look for less than finding cheap nice clothes in the thrift store. You will be surprised at what you find. I have found nike, bebe, gucci, adidas and so much more when I search the thrift store. The only downfall is it can be a bit time consuming, but it’s worth it.


3. Don’t be afraid to go bold:

What I mean by this is if you want to mix and match colors—go right ahead! The trend of matching wearing the same brands is all over. If you notice the runway or celebrities lookbooks all combine of wearing all of the same color or all different colors. It is almost as if “matching” is no longer in style. So, don’t be afraid to try something new. It’s all about attitude!


Now that I’ve let you in on a few secrets be sure to go create your own style. Taking looks and styes from other people doesn’t mean you are trying to be like them. Once you see a style you like try to make it your own. This is exactly what I do. Oh yeah I left out one tip.


4. Get your photo shoot on:

Now that you have created the style, have fun with it. Grab your phone, your best friend, props and a popping background and set up your photoshoot. You’ll be feeling like a model in no time! 

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