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Different Ways to Get Paid on Campus

Everybody in college stresses out about money. Whether it’s money to pay your tuition, or money simply to eat, or buy some shoes you really wanted, everybody in college stresses out about money. There are ways on campus where you can get some of that dough in your pocket though! Keep reading to find out how! 

Residence Life Assistant.

The Residence Life team at 2017-2018 poses for a picture at the 2017-2018 orientation. Courtesy of Erin Henderson.

Being a Residence Life assistant comes with its hardships and its joyous moments. You get to be a mentor, make friends, and take care of your residents whenever there’s a conflict or a fire. Peyton Edmond, a new RA, says being an RA comes with much responsibility. “You are required to be a role model,” says the senior accounting major. “It’s also more tedious than people may think. It’s constant work orders, and especially if you’re a freshman RA. But it can be rewarding guiding new students through their journey at Brenau.  

Work Study

If you have financial aid, you might be eligible for work study. On your FAFSA form, you can opt in or opt out to work study. During work study, students have the opportunity to work for a department of the university, usually in a department that relates to the student’s major. AJ Reynolds, multimedia director in the Office Communications, believes work study is a great opportunity for students and Brenau University staff. “I think it shows students unique things in addition to the classroom, like showing up to work on time, how to dress appropriately, and office ettiquette.” Work study students have the option to put their earnings against their remaining balance for the semester or receive them through direct deposit. Wages are $7.25 per hour and students typically are able to work no more than 10 hours a week.

Working in the Dining Hall

Working for the dining hall is a little trickier than what you may think. That’s because you aren’t working directly for Brenau University. If you choose to work in the dining hall, you’ll work for Aramark, which actually isn’t that bad! Checkout brenaudining.com and look under careers for more information.

Becoming the editor of a student publication

The Alchemist, Brenau University’s student newspaper, offers editor’s positions. The Aurum, Brenau’s Yearbook, also offers a paid editor position. Along with the Elixir, Brenau’s literary publication. Only do these if you’re really interested in writing, though. 


If you know of any more ways to get paid on campus, let Her Campus Brenau know so we can update this article! Email brenau@hercampus.com, and go to Human Resources for any of these employment opportunities!


My name is Kenya Hunter! I am a freshman at Brenau University as a Mass Communications major. My focus is journalism!
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