"The College Blues"

Have you ever been so attached to someone that when you leave them you feel like apart of you is left with them? You don’t feel the same without them, it’s like you’re almost empty. Well, if you’ve never experienced this feeling before, being a college freshman will definitely put you there. Some freshmen go through this and some don’t; it just depends on who you are. Some freshman are not affected at all, but for those of you who are, that’s why this article is here. Whenever you’ve caught a case of “The College Blues,” get active. In case you had no idea what “The College Blues” were, they are when you find yourself sad and in the slumps missing family, friends, a significant other, etc.

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Being active is one of the best ways to get yourself out of the slumps. Join a sorority, a club, many different social activities, or just decide to do something you’ve never done before. Goal setting is also something that can get you out the slumps. Whenever you feel those blues, go and do something productive towards your goals. Rather it’s maintaining a better diet and working out, learning a new language, or even it’s maybe getting into a new craft. Joining new social clubs and getting involved on your campus not only helps you academically and socially, it helps you prevent the blues. Sometimes when you’re away from your family, it’s a good thing to join a new one. Find your family on campus even if it’s just a simple club like book club or a study group. Find people that share the same interests as you and make them your “picker uppers.” It’s always good to keep people that radiate happiness and good vibes. When you have these people around, they also help with those college blues. Upperclassmen usually know how to handle this situation but everyone still gets the blues. It doesn't matter if you’re an underclassmen or upperclassmen the blues will still catch you. So, remember when those blues come around, find something to keep your mind and happiness away from them. 

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