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Breast Cancer Awareness



In honor of breast cancer awareness month this article is dedicated to precautionary measures every woman should take concerning their breast. Regularly examining your breast on your own can be a great way to find breast cancer early. Although this isn’t true for every type of cancer, it is a step you can and should take for yourself.

There have been numerous debates over how important it is to do self- examinations on yourself. This can help detect breast cancer early and it increases the likelihood of survival the sooner it is found.

Here are the steps to check those breast:

The two things that you will be doing is looking and feeling.

Things you need to LOOK for:

  • Nipple Discharge

  • Rash around nipple
  • Swelling in collard bone
  • Changes in skin such as dimpling around the breast
  • Nipples that begin to change in direction
  • Changing in the size of breast

Things you FEEL for:

  • Constant pain around the breast area
  • Lumps and thickness around the breast are

It is important that as women we pay attention to our bodies. It is scary to think about, but noticing just a few of these signs can be the difference between life and death. There is no need to be ashamed or to feel uncomfortable while looking at yourself. This is something that society teaches you and that is wrong. We need to be confident in ourselves and in our bodies. I’m sure many of you have heard: “a body is your temple” This statement is very true, but let’s think about it in some other ways. If you love cars, your body is your engine. If you’re a shopaholic, your body is your credit card. If you are a workaholic your body is your planner. Ladies, we have to do a better job at taking care of our bodies. Our bodies are temples, engine, credit cards, and planners. Know what to look for and feel for when you examine yourself. Breast cancer is not something that has happened to her it can happen to you but you have to power to stop it in its tracks. So, let’s stop it ladies…

Two breasts at a time!

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