5 Things to Make Your Freshman Year a Little Easier

            I know we are all excited for Thanksgiving break. Nothing is better than family gatherings, fun games, Black Friday and of course …THE FOOD. I absolutely lose my mind over Thanksgiving break. It’s really hard not to. After eating the tea room and dining hall food for about 4 months, all you really want is a nice home cooked meal from your grandma, mom, and dad and to lay on the coach and pretend like you are watching football while the food puts you in a deep deep coma. When you wake up from your slumber, you are going to feel so great but also sad that now all that cornbread and mac & cheese is sticking to your hips and your thighs the way gum sticks to the bottom of a shoe. Well, no worries for you. I have 5 great work outs to help you work off all that cornbread from Thanksgiving.

  1. Burn Those Abs

A great ab work will defiantly be good for you after a Thanksgiving meal. That food baby will want to stay for a life time but getting on the floor and working on your abs for about 10 mins a day will defiantly make sure the food baby packs its bags and goes away.

    2.  Jog In Place

Okay, okay, I know this sounds really silly but jogging in place will help you burn calories. It is like a quick cardio! You can do this on commercials while watching TV. You can do it for 1 min and rest for 30 seconds, then repeat 3 times! Whatever works best for you!​

    3.  Push it out…not like that

Of course, going to the rest room will definitely help you keep everything out of your system but doing push-ups will help you tone your muscles! So, when in doubt push it out!

    4.  Squat Jumps

All that corn bread and mac & cheese is going to try it’s hardest to become best friends with your hips. Squat jumps will help tone and lift that butt. To do a squat jump is to simply start off in the squat position and then jump up! If you do about 3 sets of 15 squat jumps, it will tone your butt and your hips so well that your butt is going to give you round of applause.

    5.  Forward Lunges

Lunges are another exercise to tone and lift that bottom! To do a forward lunge, first start standing straight up then starting with your right leg stick, it out in front of you and then give it a slight bend. Repeat with the left and that will count as one set. Do this 15 times and repeat 3 times. This will for sure give all that food a run for it’s money!!

If you do these 5 exercises, you will be able to feel and look confident after all that great Thanksgiving food!