Tips For A Better Laundry Day

Whether it’s every week or every few weeks, we all have to do laundry. Below I’ve compiled tips that will *fingers crossed* ease the long and sometimes laborious task of doing laundry.


  1. Check the washer and dryer availability with the Branda app and/or LaundryView website. They’re both free and you won’t have to grumble as you haul down your load of dirty laundry only to find that none of the machines are available or are out of order.

  2. Keep spare quarters in your room. While it’s convenient to pay for laundry with WhoCash, there are occasions in which the card machines aren’t working properly and we’re left overturning our rooms to find any spare quarters we may have.

  3. Use Tide Pods for convenience! They save you space and are lighter to carry around. Simply toss in 1-3 pods depending on the size of the load and voila!

  4. Be sure to check your washed clothes for any Tide Pod residue before throwing them in the dryer. If you find any residue on your clothing, rinse it in the sink under warm or hot water.

  5. Save money by using one dryer for your laundry load!

  6. Remember to clean the lint filter before and after each use. This way, you can avoid breathing in free-floating lint particles or getting lint pieces stuck on your dry clothing. If you don’t want to get your hand dirty, use a fabric softener sheet to scrape and collect the lint for disposal.

  7. After each wash and dry cycle, search every crevice of your machine for a hidden sock or underwear. This may require sticking your head into the machines so be careful not to fall in or hit your head! 

  8. Time your wash and dry cycles with your phone. There’s nothing more soul-crushing on a laundry day than finding your washed clothes on top of the machine or discovering that all the available washers and dryers still have clothes in them. Help a fellow college student out and remove your laundry when the cycle is up :)