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Take Back Your “Me” Time

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brandeis chapter.

Here we are in the home stretch of fall semester. You’ve finished up your midterms and have a few weeks until you need to buckle down for finals. You’re exhausted, burnt out, and feeling like you just want to sleep. Go ahead, take a nap, but then take back your “me” time. Make the time to take care of yourself, do the things that make you happy, and restore your spirits so you can power through the rest of the semester. 

Take yourself out.

Need some space? Take yourself out on a date. Go to your favorite restaurant (ice cream for one, s’il vous plaît), wander around outdoors (bundle up – the Boston Commons is beautiful this time of year), or go anywhere you feel like, so long as it’s off campus. It’s important get outside of the college bubble every now and then to regain some perspective. One idea: try going to the MFA and getting lost in the art (Brandeis students get in for free). 

Netflix and Chill.

Take an hour (or four) to rewatch your old, favorite feel-good shows. Grab a snack from the C-Store, cozy up in bed, and allow yourself to zone out for a while. Turn it into a spa day: slather on a facemask and paint your nails. Look good, feel good …  am I right?!

Try something new.

The lull between midterms and finals is the perfect opportunity for you to attend some of the on-campus events you never have time for. The next time you walk to class, keep your eyes open for event posters and pick one that you find interesting. Going to events is a great way to meet new people and to learn about something new.