The Sophomore Slump


Whoever said that the sophomore slump is a myth is wrong. It’s the start of a new semester and new classes and a new year, however as a second-semester sophomore it is completely okay to feel unmotivated and not have all your shit together. The weather is bad this time of the year and you are still in the holiday mood. So, here are some ways to tackle the sophomore slump and finish the year feeling accomplished and happy with yourself!


  1. Make hella plans with your friends! Catch up with everyone you haven't seen over break and don’t be alone. Hanging out with friends will keep you busy and before you know it it will be finals.



  1. Make the most of snow days! Cozy up and watch movies and hot chocolate to pass the time away.  



  1. Try and get as involved on campus. Keeping yourself busy will help keep your mind off things and help keep you occupied



4.    Go to Boston! The city is a great way to get off campus for a while to refresh and rejuvenate. Make use of the free campus shuttle service!



5. Self-care is extremely important, especially this time of the year. Get together with some of your girlfriends and make a fun night taking care of yourself!