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Snow Day Fun Day: Ways to Party as Cool as the Weather

Days off. We love them, we hope for them, we pray for them. However, when we finally get one we are faced with the age old question; what should I do during a snow day? Even though the weather is getting warmer, here are a few ideas for your next snow day:

Movie Marathon

Get some friends together and watch movies until your eyes fall out. Ever wanted to re-watch every single Star Wars movie? Well, here’s your chance!

Cookie decorating competition

If you can grab some cookies and frosting before the storm hits, a friendly cookie decorating competition can be a blast. Just try to make sure some of the frosting ends up on the cookies and not eaten with a spoon, or all over your friend’s face.

Snuggling up with some hot cocoa

Nothing like hanging with your friends and sipping on a nice cup of hot cocoa.

Dance party

Snow days don’t just have to be for sitting on your butt, you can get some movement in there too! Just grab some friends, blast some music, and bust a move.

Build a snowman

If you can brave the weather, you could go build a snowman. I used to do this with my sister and we could never really get a whole snowman finished, but we sure had fun trying. 

Play games

Games are a no-fail way to ensure entertainment for all. Whether it’s Candy Land, poker, or Cards Against Humanity, people are bound to have a good time.


Last but not least, snow days are for resting and catching up on sleep. No one will blame you if you nap for the whole day!

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