Snow Day Activities

Ten Creative Snow day activities for you and your friends (for when you’re snowed in and don’t wanna kill each other):


  1. Watch a movie... or two! (Minimal talking time for when you’ve exhausted every conversation in the book).Jacob Tremblay Watching Tv GIF by Room


  1. Go C store shopping together!

Sometimes it’s a good idea to get out, even in the freezing cold. Plus, it’s always a good idea to stock up on snacks for when you really don’t want to leave your room.

Shopping GIF


  1. Get ahead on laundry together, and make it an activity

Pro tip: Share loads! Cold wash, hot wash, tumble dry low, go crazy! 13 GIF


  1. Learn new braids and hairstyles, youtube has some fantastic tutorials that will give you braids for dayzz!!!cary grant hair GIF by Warner Archive!


  1. Blow-dry each other's hair (there’s nothing like the angle you can’t get when you’re doing your own)

Windy GIF


  1. Play board games--bring back game night (or day)!!

Codenames is a really fun option (same with monopoly and all the regulars of course) (

dice board game GIF


  1. Karaoke day.  

Pull out a hairbrush microphone and open your internet browser to find Hannah Montana and High School Musical sing-alongs. We promise you won’t regret it! Baile Dancing GIF by Juli


  1. Go on BuzzFeed and take random quizzes.  You just don’t realize now how much you needed to know what city you’ll live in based on your favorite color or what animal represents your greatest insecurity till you’ve tried it. Fallontonight GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


  1. Marie Kondo your drawers together! No such thing as some good ol’ tidying up :) Excited Marie Kondo GIF

(Real photo of Gila’s shirt drawer!!)


  1. Play outside!!

It can be a bit annoying to bundle up, but remember how excited you used to get to make forts and igloos and snowmen with your childhood friends? There’s a reason for that! Go out and take advantage of the weather! Snow Day Winter GIF by Disney


And most importantly, just remember how lucky you are to have such beautiful snow right outside your door (for over the summer when you’re jealous of your past self). Stay warm!!