The "Quickies" 2018

The Quickies are an annual One Act festival hosted by the UTC here at Brandeis. The Quickies are short plays written and directed by students. Each Quickie has 2-3 rehearsals before their performance which happens just two weeks after auditions. As someone who has participated in past Quickie festivals, I can attest to the level of hard work that Quickies require. Between memorizing lines, to possibly even learning how to act, the Quickies take a lot of talent and dedication, making them even more impressive.

This year the Quickies included performances ranging from magic tricks to a discussion of suicide. There was a play about who spiked the punch at Prom, one whose lines all rhyme, and one about a dead God and bored Angels. The impressive performances left the audience crying,  laughing hysterically and even participating!

The talent this year was so great that it managed to inspire me, a person who holds no talent in the art of acting, to audition for next year’s Quickies. Congratulations to all directors, actors and production staff for putting on an incredible Quickies Festival.