Pros and Cons of Having Two Spring Breaks

Among Brandeis Mondays (and Tuesdays, and Thursdays), the many and varying Fall Jewish holidays, and the hot second that is winter break it could easily be said that Brandeis calendar is not-your-average college academic calendar and with two Spring breaks come lots of opportunities for fun and relaxation but also a few calendar stressors.

PRO: You get TWO breaks

CON: You have to make plans/ schedule for two breaks

PRO: You can escape the snow

CON: You can’t quite figure out when you're supposed to fly home

PRO: People can come visit you

CON: Your friends aren’t home when you are

PRO: You get double the time to relax…

CON: ...But is it really relaxing when it’s the ~middle~ of midterm szn?

PRO: You can go on a SPRANG BREAK  trip annnnnd see the fam

CON: ... But is it really Spring in February?

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