My Thanksgiving Food Bucket List

If you don’t think “copious amounts of food” when you think about Thanksgiving, then something’s got to change. With one week left until the big feast, there are meals to be planned and recipes to be drooled over. If you’re headed home for the holiday, take advantage of having a kitchen and cook up a storm (or pass along these recipes so someone can cook them for you).

When I’m home, I like breakfasts that aren’t measly cups of yogurt or granola bars. What do I want instead? Waffles: warm, fluffy, syrup-drenched waffles, preferably chai-spiced. Get the recipe here.  

Rule of Thanksgiving: eat potatoes in as many ways as possible (the more the merrier). These here are sweet potatoes with a nice cookie crumble on top. They are bursting with buttery caramelized goodness.

Thanksgiving is usually at my house, and I’m in charge of dessert. But here’s the challenge: I don’t like pumpkin and I don’t like cooked fruit. Essentially, I don’t like any traditional Thanksgiving desserts. To the dismay (or joy – depends on who you ask) of my family members, I improvise with large quantities of chocolate. This year I have my eyes set on this chocolate chip cookie pie.

Okay, so I said I don’t like pumpkin, but I might have to make an exception because of this pumpkin Nutella hot chocolate.

My last piece of advice: eat until you forget what Sodexo food tastes like.