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The Remarkable Story of Kerlin Santana

At Lasell College, there are a variety of administrators and staff members who make it a well-established community. The experience of a...

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Dining at Donahue

If you are not a sophomore you have reason to be jealous. This past Thursday the sophomore student government committee held their spring...

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My Thanksgiving Food Bucket List

If you don’t think “copious amounts of food” when you think about Thanksgiving, then something’s got to change. With one week left until...

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Meet Sodexo Dan!

Name: Dan “Sodexo Dan” Simpson
 Age: 26 From: Stratford, CT So, what is it that makes you the happiest Sodexo employee at UNH? Simpson: I...

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Ten Healthy Baker Hacks

Sometimes healthy and Baker just don’t go together. Some nights you can’t seem to find just one healthy, AND delicious things to eat! Other...