How to Have a Productive Summer

Whether you are graduating and anxiously approaching the real world or just taking a much needed academic break, summer is probably one of the most exciting and anticipated season for any season. Read on for tips to make these next sunshine months the best and most productive.


Watch all the Netflix.

You’ve been working your butt off and missing every episode of Mad Men. Catch up! There is nothing wrong with giving yourself time to watch some of your favorite shows- that’s why people make them- to entertain us.  Just be careful that you don’t binge all day, everyday. If you have to, give yourself a limit like one episode a day.


Earn that dough.

Even if you are taking summer classes, the work load is generally much easier during the summer. Take advantage of this and work. Get a part time or maybe even a full time job and save as much as you can.


Appreciate the sun.

We don’t see the sun over here and lord knows we had more snow that we could ever ask for. Make sure you spend time outside with the sun and the clear skies and the non-iced roads!


Read for pleasure.

Check out the New York Time’s Best Seller List and lose yourself in a novel that wasn’t assigned to you.


Pick up a new hobby.

Free time is non-existent during the school year, so use these extra moments to try something you always wished you could do.

Most importantly, relax and TREAT YO SELF.