Her Campus Brandeis' Favorite Study Spots

With finals week approaching faster than we wish, Her Campus Brandeis staff wrote down some of their favorite study spots. With the amount of work and stress we have during finals, a good study spot is key! Good luck with your final studying fellow students! We feel your pain!  

Emily Beker: I really like studying in my living room off campus because there are no distractions but if I am on campus to study I pick the study desks in Lower Green Room. There is just enough noise going on that I don’t feel alone but I can still focus.

Emily Reich: I love to study in my room because it is easier to politely avoid friends and conversation. Also, I can play music out of my speakers instead of using headphones which is a nice change.

Amy Wu: Mainly study in my room. I love 2nd floor SCC or 2nd floor Mandel because there’s usually room and really quiet. I try to avoid studying at the Library because it’s usually crowded and too much time is wasted trying to find that perfect study spot.

Kiana Khozein: Where I study best depends on if I’m studying with others. If I’m with friends, I like staking out the big table in Castle Commons - having the kitchen nearby makes snack acquisition both easy and convenient. If I’m alone, you can find me claiming one of the tall tables in Lower Green, usually by one of the windows - the view of campus there is gorgeous and really helps me get into the groove of studying.

Sara Cardenas: I also like to study in my room.  Having my own organized study space really helps me focus. Plus I don’t have to worry about bothering anybody when I want to take a study break.  

Niki Laskaris: If I need to study really boring and dry material, I achieve the most productivity at a desk in the Lower Green area.  The dividers give me freedom from disturbance (even though there’s always some frat guy guffawing at a nearby table) (or some girl talking about how her crush swiped her at Usdan and it was like actuallllyyy cute how he did it though) and the organized environment helps me set to work and get it done.  If I’m reading or working on something that I actually enjoy, I’ll hang out in my room.  I might even go into a common area.  Somewhere comfortable.

Anna Stern: I love to study in my room because it is very peaceful. I also love to study on the second floor of Faber. There is a really quiet isolated area with rare books. The dividers make sure that I am focused. It is not too silent as there is the whirr of a humidifier that keeps the room a nice temperature at all times.