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Graduation Gift Ideas 101

The semester is finally over, and after finishing your last final the only hurdle left to jump over is finding the perfect gift for your friends for graduation. Whether they love to preserve memories or focus on the future, this guide has something for every graduate.

For the Sentimental Types

Dogeared necklace

With every endeavor students face as they graduate, whether it’s finding an apartment, starting a new job, or even learning how to cook for themselves, this necklace will let them know that you have confidence in their future and wish them all the best.

Shutterfly book

There’s nothing like pulling out old college memories in a neat and beautiful book after graduation. Don’t be afraid to add the craziest moments and the most precious times to the collection.

For the Homey Types

Apartment décor

Make the best part about getting an apartment a little bit better and buy delicate wall decals or a funky lamp to give the decorating process a kick-start.

Coffee/tea maker/cappuccino machine

Without Einsteins at their fingertips, graduates will finally have to start making their own coffee and tea for late night working. Go simple with a keurig or spice it up with a sophisticated cappuccino machine!



For the Professional Types

Business Cards and Holder

Let graduates know that you’re proud of that fabulous new job they scored, or even where they are in their search! Tasteful business cards and a handy card holder is a great and appropriate gift for this big step in their lives. 


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