The First Two Weeks at Brandeis As Told By The Cast of FRIENDS

“So no one told you life was gonna be this way…” Moving into college is way more exhausting than anyone tells you about.  On top of starting classes, you are also navigating the social scene in an environment where you know no one. The first two weeks are over and you have survived, drained as you may be.  While we have all already ventured onto our own paths, here are some things we all remember as we settled into our new home.


1. Learning How to Play Hadouken With Your Orientation Group

2. Forgetting your key in your dorm

3. Taking your ID picture

4. Going to your first meal without your orientation group

5. Sleeping without air conditioning

6. Answering a question in class for the first time

7. Going to the activity fair and having random clubs start talking to you

8. Going to The Museum Party

9. Auditioning for Acapella

10. Testing Out of the PE Requirement

11. Trying to make new friends

12. Spending your entire first-weekend doing homework

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