Fending off the Freshman 15

Despite how convincing the Brandeis tour guides may be when they tell you that you won’t gain the freshman 15 due to the good old Rabb steps and the nature of the hilly campus, do not believe them. Let me tell you—the freshman 15 happens to the best of us regardless of whether you need to walk up steep hills and never ending steps to get to your humanities class. In order to avoid the awkward stares and quiet whispers at Thanksgiving dinner about um how “different” you look, try implementing some of these simple suggestions into your daily routine.

Stay Active

1.     Go to the gym— If you are someone who needs some motivation to get to the gym then find a friend who can be your gym buddy. Doing so will hold both of you accountable and will make you dread heading a bit less.

2.     Walk instead of Bran Van around campus or even into town—As tempting as it may be to catch a ride on the shuttle, stop yourself. Walking is an easy way to work off breakfast/lunch/dinner and it also allows you to get some fresh air.

3.     Rent a Deis bike for free—Just stop by the desk in the SCC, rent a bike for the day, and take a nice ride around campus or Waltham

4.     Join an intermural sports team—This will not only help you meet people but will also be a fun way to work out

5.     Audition for a dance team like Adagio, Kaos Kids, or So Unique: The music and fun choreography will have you cha cha sliding your way out of Sherman and into the dance studio

Make Healthy Food- Related Decisions

1.     Don’t order in late at night—Asia Wok always seems like a great idea at 1 am after a night out, but feeling crummy the next day due to the greasy food is not worth how good it may taste at the time. Try setting a rule for yourself that you will not eat past 8 pm and stick to it.  

2.     Be conscious of the amount of alcohol you consume—While you may think that pounding back beers does not amount to many calories because beer is a beverage and not food, think again. A can of beer can have up to 150 calories (same with regular sodas) so drinking 3-4 equates to an extra 400-500 calories. If you drink a few nights a week, then you can easily pack on the pounds in no time. When you do drink, opt for a mixed drink with a no calorie or low calorie mixer (club soda, a splash of fruit juice, diet soda).

3.     Don’t keep too much food in your room because you will be tempted to snack—If you do go to the C-Store or Hannafords to buy food, then make wise choices. There is nothing wrong with having some food in your room, but just be conscious of the amount you are eating and

4.     Stock your mini fridge with healthy foods like fruits and vegetables— Apples, oranges, bananas, berries, carrots, celery, and peppers are a few options that are great to eat for snacks.

5.     Eat a healthy breakfast—This will help get jumpstart your metabolism, give you energy for class, and will help you make conscious choices about the rest of the food you eat for lunch and dinner

If you want more suggestions then make an appointment with the on campus nutritionist. She will be able to provide you with helpful tips that will encourage you to make wise decisions.