Cutie Best Friends Edition: Riki Gross '16 and Sarah Horn '16

Riki Gross

  • Year: 2016
  • Major(s): Politics and IGS
  • Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

Sarah Horn

  • Year: 2016
  • Major(s): Art History and Economics
  • Hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Her Campus: How did you two meet and become friends?

SH: We met in first level Italian fall semester sophomore year! I thought Riki was an excited freshman until I saw her in a Student Events shirt one day. 

RG: I don’t even know what to say to that—I’m always excited!

HC: That’s so funny! How did you start getting to know each other a little better? 

RG: I can’t remember exactly but we started sitting together with a group of girls in the class and working on projects together.  We decided to study for the final together over dinner in Usdan one night and we talked for hours and were friends ever since!

SH: Yes, that night in Usdan is one of my favorite memories of us together! That’s the moment I think we really started becoming close. 

HC: What does your ideal hangout/best friends night look like?

SH: That’s a good question! I love to cook with Riki; we are always searching for fun recipes to try. We don’t plan that many hangouts because we live together so it’s easy to jump on someone’s bed and chat for a while. 

RG: Yup! I usually enjoy the nights that are just silly and we have a little dance party! One time sophomore year we went into the North End and had a lovely Italian meal, which was cute. 

SH: That was cute! We made a reservation and everything.  I love our dance parties! We often joke we should have a YouTube channel to show people our choreography. 

HC: What’s one thing you each love about each other? 

SH: Well I love Riki for a lot of reasons but one of the many qualities that makes her a wonderful friend is how empathetic she is. She’s always able to give perspective. 

RG: Thank you Sarah!!! Sarah is always thinking of her friends.  Whenever she travels or sometimes just randomly, she always gets me a little present. If I mention I like something, sometimes I’ll come home and find that she bought it for me and put it in front of my door!

HC: You like pretty far away from each other. How do you stay connected/keep in touch over long breaks?

SH: We send each other lots of Buzzfeed quizzes and celebrity gossip. 

RG: I was going to say the same thing! We send each other really silly Buzzfeed quizzes and I drop everything to do them. 

HC: What would you say each other’s spirit animal is and why?

SH: This is an amazing question and one I often think about.  I believe this dog is Riki’s spirit animal because it perfectly encapsulates her joyful nature. 

RG: Haha thank you!

SH: You’re welcome. I really did put a lot of though and research into this. 

RG: After serious consideration I choose this cat who is about to serve up some serious sass. 

SH: Yup, that’s about right.  I think anyone who knows me would tell you I’m a cat. 

Fast Facts: 

Favorite Food:

RG: Chicken Soup

SH: Pad Thai

Favorite TV Show:

RG: The West Wing and Friends

SH: Parks and Recreation

Sherman or Usdan:

RG: Neither, cook at home.

SH: Mod dinner all the way. 

Person Dead or Alive You Would Like to Meet:

RG: This is so hard! I’ll say Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jon Stewart and Kevin from the Office. 

SH: Kanye West and Marie Antoinette.  The three of us can party at Versailles. 

Guilty Pleasure:

RG: The Bachelor

SH: Keeping Up With the Kardashians