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Bradley’s Markin Recreation center is a great place to work out on campus, rock climb and play sports such as basketball and volleyball. One aspect, however, that many don’t know about is that Markin provides students with free group fitness classes. The majority of them are taught by Bradley students including myself. In high school when I wanted to begin working out regularly, I had no idea where to start. I decided to go to a group fitness class at my local gym and I fell in love instantly because of the exciting environment, as well as a fun, unique and motivating way to exercise. 

Is there a class for me? 

Yes, there are so many group fitness classes that are specific to YOUR goals, such as yoga, body sculpting, barre, jump cardio, zumba and so much more. I personally teach a low-impact body tone class, cycling, butts and guts, and stretch and go classes. The instructors of these classes prepare alternative exercises to cater to your body’s abilities. The classes are inclusive to anyone who wants to participate, and you don’t have to bring ANY equipment at all! Just show up with a positive attitude, gym shoes and some water to get started. 

What if I have limited time to work out?

That’s okay! These group fitness classes can be anywhere from twenty minutes to sixty minutes long and cater to YOUR abilities. In total, we have 30 classes Monday through Friday, taught by 11 different instructors. Markin also has a google calendar that provides the date, time and type of all fitness classes in the semester. With that being said, there is a large chance that at least one of these classes works for you! In addition, during the upcoming spring semester there will be a change of classes and schedule, so participants have even more options to choose from.

What type of class should I attend?

As previously stated, there are many different types of fitness classes that are available. Markin’s website provides a brief summary of most group fitness classes, so you know what to expect before you even attend a class. If you still can’t decide, just show up and maybe bring a friend! If the class doesn’t fit your needs, then try a different one, there is no commitment required. Robbie Hess, a junior at Bradley University, explains, “my favorite part about the cycling classes is that I can work out with my friends. The instructor makes sure that the class accommodates the participant’s abilities by giving a wide range of intensity. They also ask for feedback at the end of the class to see how we felt and what more we would like to see.” 

Adri, a sophomore at Bradley and a current group fitness instructor wants everyone to try our classes “because it creates a good community to workout and its more fun to workout with similar people every week because it creates a motivating and fun environment.” Bradley’s Markin Recreational Center has a perfect way for you to work out and meet your fitness goals in a fun, easy and FREE way for Bradley students.

Becky Rose

Bradley U '23

Hello! My name is Becky Rose and I am a nutrition and dietetics major at Bradley University. I have a passion for sharing with others about how to improve their health and wellness and cannot wait to share more through my writing for other students. Follow me on Instagram @becky32301 to get to know me more!