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I met you out of nowhere

I treated you coldly and wanted to ignore you.

But I always see you everywhere

And you still approach me out of a blue.

Time passes by, you try to have a conversation with me,

Pretended to not notice you as a sign of rejection.

But you are like an infinite wave of a sea

You won’t stop pestering me even though I show no affection.

I ignored you, I showed my negative personality

But why do you still want to be with me?

Please, don’t think that our life is like a fantasy

It’s not what you think to be.

I tried so many times to stop you

But it seems like it is me to give up.

Thought you would be the one to get tired which I expected to be true

But it turns out that I am wrong that your presence filled me up.

You won my heart and I lost my pride

But before I tell you what I truly feel,

Just like in the past, will you always be by my side?

Unsure about you, I hope that you will be real.

Indeed, just like you, I am starting to fall in love

It’s not just an infatuation like what others say.

Instead, I am willing to give everything that I have

But I just want one thing, to love me until our hair is grey.

Don’t know why, how or when I started to fall

But I know that I am sure of one important thing

I am sure about my feelings that no one can tell

And I hope that you will treasure me like a precious ring.

This feeling of us will make us be together

But is it true that everything has its own ending?

Is it true that there is no such thing as forever?

What matters is that we loved each other at the beginning.

Rose Marie Godoy

Bradley U '25

Computer Science || Bradley University '25 || Poem Writer || ΣΔΤ || Tiktok: flowery_1234 || IG: flowery.111
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