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My Top Three Favorite Sweet Treat Recipes

It’s not very typical that I go out of my way to bake things or have something sweet for myself. I do love baking for my friends or family, though. Whether I’m making something for a family holiday, making something for my family to snack on while at home or making something for friends, these recipes are some of the best I have found. They’re also pretty popular with people I bake for. I have my own special touches that I make; however, I’ll leave those to the imagination for the sake of individuality.

1. chocolate chip cookies

Now, I know chocolate chip cookies are a pretty basic choice when it comes to baked goods, but there’s a reason these are so loved. These cookies are more of a soft bake cookie. They’re also meant to be a bit larger so scoop with love. Joanna Gaines definitely meets and exceeds expectations with this classic. I have a few adjustments I’ve made to meet the preferences of my loved ones and I, but the recipe is still great as is.


2. BAnana Bread

Banana bread isn’t always for everyone, but I think I know the reason for that. The banana taste is way too prominent in most cases; it can be overly sweet. That’s where this recipe comes in. While it does have a nice banana taste, it is not overwhelming and is complimented by the accompanying buttery flavor. Warm a couple of slices and its like heaven. Another thing about this recipe is that it’s very moist without being too dense. Overall, it’s a great bread that’s loved by many.


3. Oreo Truffles

This recipe is so ridiculously simple, it’s almost hard to believe how good it is. These truffles only have three ingredients and require no baking at all. Everyone I’ve ever made them for has loved them–rightfully so. They’re especially great for Oreo lovers, but you’ll still like them even if you’re not a super huge fan of the cookie. The only catch with these ones is that they are kind of rich in flavor, so one or two go quite a long way. They’re also super cute and customizable with decorations (this makes them great for holiday gatherings or themed parties).


While my favorites rotate pretty often, these are my top three for the time being. I’m constantly looking for and trying new recipes. Baking is such a fun hobby, and the results make great gifts or little surprises for loved ones. I encourage everyone to try their hand at baking, whether it be with these recipes or not. This short list gives options for all levels of experience or baking ability. There’s even a no-bake option for those who can’t be trusted with the oven. Best of luck to you and your favorite people with these recipes.

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