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Moving home for the summer from college can be exciting or terrifying. For me, I was very excited to see my friends and family back home and finally sleep in my own bed. After months of living in a dorm, coming back to your room at home can feel strange and as if you don’t belong. The change from living in a dorm to living in your room can be really hard and take a toll on your mental health. Your space is sacred, you should feel welcomed and comforted. Here are some tips to help you reclaim your space for summer!


Redecorating your space doesn’t mean you have to remodel and renovate your entire room, it just means moving a few things around or adding things. By redecorating, you can start a new chapter in your old space. When redecorating you can add things that remind you of your previous year at school such as pictures or knick-knacks.

Add Plants

In my opinion, plants have very high energy that can amplify any space. By adding plants to your space you are basically just adding little friends (that you occasionally have to water). Plants can also help purify air and keep you motivated when times are hard.

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Pictures are a great way to decorate your room. They can be pictures of friends, cool events, fun trips, art, and music you enjoy. Pictures are a great way to express your current aesthetic and mood and add personality to your space. It can also be really helpful to add pictures of friends from college that you may not see again until the fall.

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Clean your closet

Over the past year at college, your wardrobe may have changed completely. There may be many items of clothing that don’t fit your personality, mood, or aesthetic anymore. Cleaning your closet can be very refreshing and help make room for clothes that make you feel more like yourself. Clothing and fashion can be a big part of self-confidence and identity, having things that don’t boost your confidence can be really detrimental for your health.

Start A routine

By starting, or continuing, a routine it can help you feel more connected to your space. Whether its morning yoga or nighttime meditation, creating a routine can help your space feel like yours again. It can also help with feeling more at home and comfortable.

Haley Muter

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Hi! My name is Haley Muter. I love to express and empower people! I am a freshman and major in middle-childhood education, specifically language arts and social studies. I love to show light on mental health issues and helping others who are in need!
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