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This is for all those who have been hurt by somebody they trusted at one point in their life. The ones who found the truth and managed to run away. To the ones still struggling to find their worth after someone close decided it was fun to tear into the sensitive parts and leave them for show.

            You’re not alone.

            Recently, I’ve been healing from some people in my past who thought it’d be okay to twist words and place them in my head. They can say they did nothing wrong, that they were “only trying to help in the long run”, but I’m still healing.

            Here are some exercises I’ve taken to help my healing process go a little smoother.


1. Tell yourself you’re worth it.

Nobody can put a price tag on you. You’re the one who decides who you are, and nobody can argue with you that you need to change for them. You’re one of a kind. Don’t settle for less. If they expect to be treated better than they treat you, leave. It’s not worth it to stay where others deem you unimportant.


2. Talk yourself up.

Look in a mirror. It may be difficult after somebody tears you apart, but trust me, this will help. Tell yourself at least five positive things; these can be things that happened in your day, what you like about yourself. Doesn’t matter, but it needs to be positive. You might end up crying, but that’s okay. Crying is natural, and you deserve to let those negative feelings left by the ones that hurt you behind.


3. Trust that you’ll find new friends.

New friends are always around the corner. Not everyone is like the one that hurt you in the past. If they’re truly going to be your friend, they’ll respect you. You don’t have to completely open up right away, but over time, you’ll find somebody that helps you forget the pain and gives you a reason to smile again.


Whatever you do, don’t hide away. Good days are coming. You just have to give a little effort and smile at the sky. The sun is always here, even when the clouds get in the way. Believe in yourself and breathe.

Carli Christenson

Bowling Green '23

My name is Carli Christenson. I'm a third year student studying Visual Communications Technology for a specialization in photography and print. I'm an absolute nerd, and I adore musical theater. I'm also part of the LGBT+ community!
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