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Decompressing During the Final Weeks of Classes

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bowling Green chapter.

The last few weeks of the semester can become pretty brutal. Stressing about grades, never-ending projects, less motivation to do anything related to class, attending classes, and I swear every professor gives at least three homework assignments every day. I know I probably cannot help motivate you to want to do your coursework. However, I can try to give you some tips on how to delegate your workload and decompress.

Take Things Day by Day

Don’t think about things due two to three weeks away. Focus on things that are due within the next five days. This is much more manageable and less overwhelming than looking at an entire three weeks’ worth of coursework. Also, take the weekends off unless you absolutely have to do schoolwork. This will help to rejuvenate you, helping you relax before the next week of classes begins. As well as lessen the chance of academic burnout.

Take a Timeout

A break from studying is always needed at some point. Some great ways to take a timeout are to watch your favorite TV show or movie, go out and pick up your favorite snack and or your favorite beverage, hang out with loved ones (i.e. friends and family), and a small power nap never hurt anyone. These serve as great brain breaks and help your body calm down which will help you when it is time to focus on your studies again.

Take Things Step By Step

First, get some homework for the current week done. Next, take a little study break to give your brain a rest. Then, you could start prepping for some final exams. I recommend studying one section at a time for your finals. This method is less overwhelming than trying to cram it all in the days or even hours before the exam. Personally, I make a Quizlet of the different sections covered in my courses and choose one to study for a certain day. This helps me retain that material better and continues to make me think about what the answer is instead of reading it off of a study guide. It is also less overwhelming to take it one section at a time.

All in all, you’ve got these next few weeks; stay motivated, & best of luck with your finals! Summer (or winter depending on when you’re reading this) break is near! :)

Joslyn Stauffer

Bowling Green '27

Hello! I'm Joslyn! I'm a first year student at Bowling Green State University, studying Criminal Justice with a specialization in forensic investigation. Another organization that I am a part of is Forensics Speech & Debate Team! I love the ocean, sunsets, playing sports, spending time with friends and family, making new friends, and so much more!