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7 ways to Romanticize Your Life: Advice from your fellow College Student

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Sometimes life can become monotonous, boring, or dull. Your days can mesh together to create an endless cycle of: wake-up, class, class, class, do homework, go to bed. It’s easy to get caught up in this cycle and feel like your life revolves around classes. Romanticizing your life is easy, you just have to find what makes you happy and what breaks the “never-ending” cycle. Here are some easy, affordable ways to start romanticizing your life!

Dress up

Although the term “dress for success” is cheesy and played-out, it is kinda true. Something that always makes my overall mood better is wearing a cute outfit. I think this gives you an extra boost of confidence and excitement for the day. If you are bored of your wardrobe try to spice it up with new pieces, thrifting is an awesome way to experiences with pieces for a low cost!

Treat Yourself

By treating yourself, you can add a little bit of excitement to your day. Whether its getting your favorite Starbucks drink, a new item of clothing, taking time to just relax, buying a new book, etc., treating yourself will make you feel 100 times better! After putting in hard work in everything you do, you deserve a treat!

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Write about your day

Taking the time to sit down and reflect upon your day and the things you’ve done can help you become mindful of the good (or bad) day that you had. You can simply write down a sentence or be a little extra and write a poem about your day or something you enjoyed from that day. A good exercise to practice is writing three good things about your day and three not so good things. You can also practicing writing affirmations to yourself!

Move your body

I’m not asking you to become a gym-rat body-builder but, moving your body in a way that suits you can have so many benefits. One of my favorite “chill” ways to move my body is by doing yoga or going for a walk. This can make you appreciate your body and the time you are reserving for it.

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Start a new hobby

Starting a new hobby can be hard at first but, it really gives you a break from homework and other commitments. You can take up a new sport or start reading. There are an endless number of hobbies that suit everyone, if you can’t find one you probably just need to look a little harder.

Take Pictures

One of my favorite ways to romanticize my life is by taking pictures. I love using apps like Dispo to take pictures of myself and cool things I’ve seen or done that day. I love looking at the pictures and reflecting on the great day I had and what I enjoyed about it. You can also share these pictures on social media and spice-up your feed!

Spend Time with Your FavS

I love spending time with people who compliment and work well with my energy. If you spend time with the right people, they will make you feel happy, loved, and important. This can help relieve stress and tension from class and assignments. This can be family, friends, significant others, or simply your pets!

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Hi! My name is Haley Muter. I love to express and empower people! I am a freshman and major in middle-childhood education, specifically language arts and social studies. I love to show light on mental health issues and helping others who are in need!
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