5 Ways Every Girl Justifies Buying Expensive Leggings

I’m sure most college women are aware of the mystique and appeal of Lululemon, but for readers that are less in-the-know, Lululemon is a brand of athletic gear known for its black leggings and yoga pants that are extremely popular with young women. These pants can be spotted from afar by their characteristic stitchings and fluorescent logos. The only reason I know this is because I obsessed over these pants for months and months and researched them to prove to my mother I was playing hardball with this purchase. As much as I loved these pants, I struggled to rationalize spending almost $100 on a pair of pants that weren’t actually pants! My fingers physically prevented me from entering my credit card number online to make those purchases. I’m sure many have had the same struggle when making expensive investments, but these are the top five reasons I (and probably many others) was able to convince myself that it was ok to make these extravagant purchases:

1. They’re a wise investment

You won't just wear these pants to the gym, but you’ll live and breathe in them. They’re black and they go with everything! You can wear them as casual pants to stay in and snuggle or as part of your Friday-night party ensemble. They’re multifunctional and multipurpose. You’ll practically make a profit on them, you’ll wear them so much!

2. They’re pure magic

It's not something you can describe until you try those babies on. It's hard to explain, but it's almost as if they have magical fibers in them. They fit every body type (like in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) and instantly make you feel more slender. They highlight all the right curves and smooth out all the little bumps that every girl has.

3. You’ll probably be more motivated to work out more

Every girl wants to go to the gym to show off a new cute workout outfit, and with Lululemon pants, it's no different. These pants will definitely give you an extra pep in your step when you walk through those doors at Buck. You know you’re dying to check yourself out in the gym mirrors.

4. They’re so much easier than pants

The skinny jeans pants-dance is no longer necessary. You can literally glide into your Lululemon pants – just slip them over your ankle and you’re golden!

5. They actually do fufill their purpose as athletic gear

Beside being the comfiest article of clothing you’ll most likely ever own, these pants actually live up to the hype. Running in their various types of leggings is like a dream – there's no riding up, falling down, or chafing, and the moisture-wicking fabric means you'll stay dry! These pants also allow you to contort yourself into pretzel-like positions (if yoga is your thing!)

No matter what your purpose, these leggings are awesome and are well-worth the investment!