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The Real World: Oak Park

Hey, What’s up? Hello!

Welcome to my first ever article series! I’m Hannah and I’ve just graduated from Boise State University with my major in English (creative writing emphasis) and a minor in American Sign Language. I had the honor and privilege of writing for Her Campus BSU during my last semester at BSU and was lucky enough to be asked to write a real world series once my undergraduate career came to a close, so here I am! Living outside of L.A. in the small suburb called Oak Park a.k.a “The Bubble,” and giving an inside look of what post-college life might look like.  

Lets get started!

Before graduation people were asking me how I was feeling about this whole process. In all honesty, it was bittersweet and I knew it wasn’t going to set in right away. Walking to get my diploma frame definitely hit me, but the fact that I’m not going back to Boise still feels weird. In August, when all of you lucky ducks go back up, I’ll be sitting in my room with my two best friends (Ben & Jerry) and wishing I had failed a class or two.  

After graduation, my parents, boyfriend and I celebrated for a few days in Vegas, which was a blast!

We stayed at the Mirage and were fortunate enough to lounge by the pool for a few days in order to start our summer tans (or in my case, my summer red since I’m basically either white or red). When we weren’t by the pool, we were exploring the strip, like the M&M store and the Hershey store, or finding great restaurants. My dad is a huge wine-o and my parents have been going to Vegas for many years, so we were able to have some amazing food and wine pairings. Away from my parents, my boyfriend and I played some Roulette while sipping on huge plastic cups of Margaritas and Pina Coladas.  We also hung out in the room a bit and got addicted to our new favorite show, Botched.  

While my boyfriend and I were out and about on our own, we had two really cool things happen to us. The first was that my boyfriend actually won at Roulette. Not some crazy amount, but a couple hundred was a great prize for him. Second, we got a free bottle of champagne. That one was crazier than Roulette.

After a nice relaxing morning at the pool with my parents, my boyfriend and I decided we should go up to the room to get ready.  In the elevator, we ran into a lovely older couple who asked us if we liked champagne. Once we quickly nodded yes, they offered us a bottle of champagne they had gotten for free (if I remember correctly) that they weren’t going to drink. Once we were back in the elevator with our new champagne, we both looked at each other and started talking about how we were both skeptically following them, keeping an eye out for something abnormal or ninjas who were going to kidnap us, but they came out with an unopened/non-tampered bottle. When the cork gave off a loud pop, we felt pretty confident we could have just bought this bottle from a store.

Now, I am enjoying life without responsibilities. I am back to living with my parents (my decision because I love them and we get along really well) in Southern California and am enjoying minimal responsibilities at the moment. I have an internship with Nordstrom starting soon (which I will dive into more later on), so I have some time to relax and enjoy before I work. Maybe I’ll eventually finish unpacking all of the boxes I sent home from Boise.

Senior at Boise State, Graduating May 2016 English Major with a Minor in American Sign Language
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