Poetry: Rhymes of Thoughts and Beats of Heart

We all read poems or rhyme words and sounds as we write a paper. Poetry can be a way for us as writers to focus in on the sounds or the words we want the reader to focus in on. Sometimes, people do not realize there are a variety of poems you can write such as renga, tanka, quatrain, couplet, and haiku.

Poetry is a good way for you to get your mind off of things. You can do this by stepping outside and writing a poem about all the things you see and the sounds you hear. Poems can be a collaboration and a fun way to interact with those around you.

A renga is a fun poem created by the Japanese to see what two stanzas you can come up with off the top of your mind that at least rhymes. It is more of a game to see what words you can rhyme with one another to add to the rest of the pre-existing renga.

A haiku, five-seven-five syllables, are a condensed form of poetry to focus in one the words and sounds you use to inflict emotion and conviction in the reader to react to what is being said in your haiku.

There are a variety of poems you can write, not just the typical 12 to 15 stanzas poems you had to write throughout school with a strict rhyme scheme, mix it up and try out new forms of poetry. Poetry is a good medium to express your thoughts in a concise way and can help you understand the emotions you may be sorting through at this moment in your life.

A poem can be a message in a bottle that you want to send to someone who has made you gleeful, sad or grateful for their presence in your life. A good place to start with finding out about the different forms of poetry is the Poetry Foundation website. This website is also a good resource for you to find more information out about your favorite poets like Shel Silverstein, who some of us may remember reading as a child.

A poet, poem, and poetry goes far beyond and opens up their heart to express through words how they are feeling or an experience that shaped them into the person standing right in front of you.

Let yourself be a poet of structure or of free verse, because sometimes thoughts on a piece of paper are better put down how they flow out to the page. A poem is like a note to give someone to let them know how you felt, good or bad. A poem is written to bring your thoughts and feelings to life, so people know what you think and how you feel about pretty much anything. Poetry is a collection of those thoughts,

Some poets keep a running note on the Notes application of their phone,so they can just type down their thoughts quickly and do not have to go looking for their notepad, then the thought or line of rhymes are forever gone from your mind. A poet can be someone who breathes life into others  and unearths experiences through their words in a poem. Poetry is a place for you to dispose of something like a trash can or it is there for you  make a nice wrapped present to give to someone or a group of people who have changed your life.

Poetry is not all morose like Poe, but a medium of expression for us at the zenith and the deep dark gallows of our lives. Pick up that pen or start typing your little heart way, because your thoughts matter and people will listen to what you have to say. Do not let a day pass without you being heard, because you matter. Start your odyssey today with your jumble of words sorted into a poem that presents itself as a ribbon tied package to someone, because you are a gift to those around you, close and far away.