Let It Out!: The Importance of Not Bottling Up Emotions

Emotions are difficult for everyone. Some people have no problems letting them out while others try as hard as they can to keep everything in. Some people can understand their emotions right off the bat, while others can’t follow along with what their emotions are telling them. No matter what they’re telling you, emotions are important to confront and deal with.  

In my past relationship, I dated someone who had a horrible time with any emotion. Whether it was about his personal issues, our relationship, or what was happening next week, he tried to avoid all of his emotions at any cost. At first, this wasn’t an issue. Continuing on in the relationship, this build up of emotions ended up hurting himself, as well as us, in the long run. Hiding emotions and having an occasional break down was not healthy for anyone, but he never wanted to explore a healthier way to express his emotions.  

Emotions cannot be shoved down into the dark depths of your soul to be dealt with later. Expressing these emotions are healthy, and everyone needs to find their own way to express them in a positive way. The way in which you express yourself is completely unique to you, so the best thing to do is to explore your options and discover which activity makes you feel better. Some people cry, go to the gym, go to see a therapist, talk to a friend or family member, play with dogs or cats, get a massage, and plenty more. The options are endless!

Whatever you do to express your emotions is at your discretion, but make sure it’s something that works for you. Everyone is different, and everyone deserves to deal with their emotions in a way that helps themselves. Once you find out the best way to make yourself happy, you can focus on trying to help the people around you, and then the world becomes a happy place for you, your friends, and your family!