Do You Even Lift? OF COURSE - It's Campus Cutie Shawn Kuizema!

This week's cutie is a total gym junky - but we're not complaining!

Name: Shawn Kuizema

Age: 21

Year: Senior

Major: Pre-med

Relationship Status: Taken

Hometown: Westwood, NJ

Her Campus: Tell us, what is your guilty pleasure?

Shawn: I eat a ton of laffy taffy candies. 

HC: Yum! What's your favorite laffy taffy?

Shawn: I don’t really have a favorite, that’s a bad question (lol).

HC: OK, who's your celebrity crush?

Shawn: Scar Jo. 


(For those of you who are unaware, that's short for the amazing Scarlett Johansson)

HC: Who is your favorite musician?

Shawn: I like Adam Levine actually. 

HC: Naturally!  So, tell us how you are involved on campus!

Shawn: I’m in BCAEC.  That’s the Boise Community Adaptive Education Club where we help kids with disabilities workout - it’s really rewarding.

HC: I'll bet!  What's something not many people know about you?

Shawn: I was previously ranked in the top 50 in the nation for breaststroke events.

HC: Awesome!  Quick, choose one - Marvel or DC? 

Shawn: Marvel! Because it’s more fun and not as dark and gritty.

HC: Agreed.  Describe your ideal date night?

Shawn: Whatever is adventurous and fun; a girl that could make me laugh and has a good sense of humor.  One time, I saw a Broadway play with my girlfriend and it was storming and flooding in NYC.  After the play we ran around and sang in the rain like idiots. It was a lot of fun.

HC: Aww sounds so fun!  Tell us something you can’t live without!

Shawn: The gym.  That’s really it.

HC: What’s your plans for your future?

Shawn: Go to med school, get a PHD and just keep lifting.  Lifting heavy things up and putting them back down again.

HC: Sounds like the perfect plan! Describe your dream job!

Shawn: I want to be a doctor; diagnosing people’s problems, helping them recover and rehabilitate while educating them.  I think it’s a very fulfilling process.  It’s a job I could see myself doing for the rest of my life.

HC: Final question (you have to have an answer)! Who’s your favorite One Direction member?

Shawn: Guess.

HC: Is it Harry?

Yeah, he’s got a nice flow.

There's one thing we can certainly agree with!