Campus Spotlight: Dani Mosbrucker

Major: Pre-Allied Health

Grad Year: 2017

Hometown: Idaho Falls, ID

Relationship Status: Taken

A sunny personality armed with blonde hair and a muscular frame, Dani Mosbrucker is one Bronco that you should know. A senior at Boise State University, Dani is a full time student majoring in Pre-Allied Health with an interest in going on to become a physician’s assistant or physical therapist. Dani is graduating next year and is considering furthering her education outside of Idaho. With a busy schedule, Dani juggles both life and school obligations like a boss!


Dani started in gymnastics at the age of 8, and worked her way up to a level 10. After a series of knee injuries and surgeries, she unfortunately had to cut short her gymnastics career at age 18.  After originally hoping to attend Arizona State on a gymnastics scholarship, she decided to look elsewhere and chose Boise State University as her future Alma Mater. Dani continues to coach at Mountain West Gymnastics here in Boise. Dani’s experience in gymnastics has provided her a strong base on which to build her athletic career.

BSU Cheer

After a year of working her ass off practicing with friends, Dani made the Boise State Spirit Squad her junior year and continues to shine alongside her fellow teammates. The Boise State Spirit Squad cheers at football and basketball games for both men and women, and has often been invited to compete at the USA Collegiate Nationals. Cheerleading is more than just looking pretty; cheerleaders need to be strong and in-shape physically (this is especially important if you’re lifting, catching, or throwing another human being into the air!). With very busy schedules, the Boise State Cheerleaders work hard both in and out of the gym. School schedules, work schedules, practice, and games keep these ladies occupied throughout the semester. Not only have these badass women found lifelong friends, but their time on the Spirit Squad has also provided them with some once in a lifetime opportunities in business and career networking.



I first met Dani in the fall of 2014 as a new member of Boise Crossfit. Dani is one of those athletes that you can’t help but admire. Whether she’s kicking ass at bar muscle-ups or hitting a new personal record on a weightlifting component, I have been constantly impressed and inspired by her athletic ability and strength in the gym.

In early 2014, after a short stint on the BSU indoor track team and a desire to get back in the gym, Dani considered trying out Crossfit on the advice of a friend. After researching local gyms online, Dani found her home at Boise Crossfit in February of 2014. Since starting, she has worked her way up from an inexperienced novice jumping right into the 2014 Crossfit Open (just days after starting), to making 12 out of 37 in the Cascade Classic 2015. This past January, a few select members of Boise Crossfit (which included Dani) were invited to compete in the exclusive invite-only Crossfit Fort Vancouver Championship.

As of February 25, the 2016 Crossfit Open has officially begun and Dani hopes that her hard work has paid off as she strives towards her goal of making the Crossfit Games Northwest Regionals team. Crossfit has opened up a new athletic avenue for Dani to dominate. And who knows? Maybe we’ll see her on ESPN at the Crossfit Games one day!