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Campus Cuties: A Year in Review

Since we’re halfway through spring semester (I know, it sounds too good to be true!) it is officially time to look back at this year’s collection of cuties (so far). It’s an impressive lineup; I gotta say (is it just me, or is it heating up here?) Go forth and enjoy some well-deserved Spring Break sun, collegiette– but take a few minutes to take in the local “sights” (and by sights I mean eye candy) first! 

Brendon Smith

Interview highlight:

HC: Favorite beer?

BS: Corona! It tastes amazing with lime and salt. It makes me feel like it’s summertime.

We like the sound of that!

Colby Jenkins

Interview highlight: 

HC: What’s your best pick-up line?

CJ: This is my recent favorite. This is how it goes down. We’re having a conversation or something, then there will be a moment when I’m expected to respond, but I won’t…

HC: …and?

CJ: I’m sorry, I just got lost in your eyes.

No wonder he got selected for our “romantic edition”.

Alex Nunes

Interview highlight: 

HC: Guilty pleasures?

AN: Oh no.

HC: Oh yes.

AN: Okay… I guess maybe singing when no one else is around. In the shower, in the car, ya know.

We love putting our cuties on the spot… but way to take it like a champ, Alex!

Bobby Mueller

Interview highlight:

HC: Any nicknames?

BM: If we’re going to keep it somewhat appropriate, then Booby. I get that a lot.

Thanks for the interview, Booby!

Vinton Gwinn

Interview highlight:

HC: So good! Any pet peeves?

VG: IM NOT A PRETTY BOY! I hate being called one.

I personally can think of nothing worse! Don’t worry you’re not a pretty boy, Vinny… you’re so much MORE than that! ;)

Phoebe Galbraith

Interview highlight: 

HC: What’s your favorite part of the holidays?

PG: The decorations are probably my favorite thing. Everything’s glittery and fabulous!

Totes adorbs. We completely agree.

Andie Kelly

Interview highlight: 

Relationship Status: Single as a Pringle, sour cream and onion flavored.

I’ve never heard that expression before, but I am going to start using it on the daily as of NOW. 

Tanner Pfeil

Interview highlight:

HC: Tell me, if you were a candy bar, what would you be and why? 

TP: I would be Twix for sure, because everyone loves Twix and I have crunchy insides.


Jeff Wall

Interview highlight:

HC: If you were to give  incoming freshman advice about Boise State, what would it be?

JW: Lock your bikes and don’t touch the excellence bell. Am I right?

Can I get an amen?

Rehana Mohammad

Interview highlight:

HC: As a very successful student and person in general, do you have any tips for young women on how to be confident? 

RM: Try to be beautiful from the inside– out and work to inspire others!


Jordan Saenz

Interview highlight: 

HC:  What is the perfect first date? 

JS: I would be smiling the entire time, laughing and getting to know him. Just something casual but oddly romantic. And he would pay, of course. Can I get an amen?

I’m surprised you didn’t say April 25th… but yes, AMEN!

Megan Nanna

Interview highlight:

Girl has some skills.

Marissa Aiken

Interview highlight:

HC: Alright, so let’s ask the question we’re all wondering: why did you decide to shave your head?

MA: I saw a photo on Facebook of a woman who had beaten cancer, and she took a picture of her hair everyday as it grew back, and it was really moving. I knew I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do it. I would regret it for the rest of my life even if I did it at a later date. It was a here and now kind of thing.


There you have it, collegiettes! While we can all agree that Boise State has the best eye candy, we’re always eager to expand our horizons. Contact katiemeikle@hercampus.com to nominate a #springbreakcutie and we promise to do a special Campus Cutie: Spring Break Edition feature. Happy Spring Break adventures, collegiette! 


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