My Healthy Lent|| Hell Week!!

Everything was perfect. I had gone to the gym every morning this week, as usual. When my neighbor offered a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, I smiled, and politely declined. Instead of eating processed foods, I treated  myself, with healthy foods of nutritional value, like dark chocolate coated almonds or Chobani yogurt with dark chocolate chips. Feeling pleased with myself, I felt prepared to finally go home for my mom’s birthday weekend. On Friday, I ate a tasty salad for lunch, and bought a fruit cup for the bus ride. And because I’m not depriving myself, I even bought some vegan chocolate chip cookies from the dining hall to munch on.  When I went home, my sweet mother had thoughtfully prepared whole-wheat veggie lasagna. My mother is Italian American, and there’s no lasagna like hers! Even though my taste buds were squirming with delight over a homemade meal, my willpower controlled me from eating an unnecessary slice. I knew that I wasn’t hungry; I was just exhausted from traveling. So instead of eating an extra slice, I microwaved carrots for myself, and went to sleep.

Then, it happened. Saturday morning, my mom decided to make pancakes for my family as a treat.  Like I said, I’m not restricting myself from food, but that doesn’t mean I have to consume all those extra calories when rewarding myself. After my mom made her Bisquick pancakes, I made banana-egg-white pancakes, a recipe from my favorite health-food blog, I had made these pancakes in the past, and they had always come out delicious. But this time, something went wrong, and the whole kitchen started smelling like fish. Long story short, my “pancakes” resulted in looking like scrambled eggs.

Later that day, I left the house to go shopping for a few things to bring back to Binghamton.  My sister came along so we could spend some time together, and my dad even offered to drive us (which he never does?). The shopping center we drove to had a Red Mango, and my Dad asked us if we wanted to get some frozen yogurt. Obviously I said yes! If I could write love sonnets on frozen yogurt without being judged I would! If there was a frozen-yogurt anonymous group therapy, I’d have to join it, because I can never get enough! Now, Red Mango recently came out with a new set of flavors called “sorbettos”.

Sorbettos similarly taste like sorbet, and have no dairy. Being the spontaneous person I am, I chose the raspberry sorbetto . Now, raspberries are my favorite fruits but something about this yogurt tasted bitter. Almost immediately after I consumed a few bites, something didn’t feel right in my stomach. I don’t get stomach aches easily, so I just shrugged it off, finished my yogurt, and went to Kohl’s. Only about 10 minutes after I walked into the store, I began to feel weak, and my head started pounding.  I told my sister that we had to rush home. At home, my stomach pains became so intense that I had to skip going to Mass with my family, ruining my plans. But what else could I do? I could hardly walk, let alone roll from side to side in bed. After a few hours, my family came home from Mass, only to find me in a worse condition than they left me in. I felt as if someone was repeatedly punching me in my stomach, and at the same time, someone’s hand was squishing all of my intestines around in my body. Luckily, let’s just say I went to the bathroom, and I started to feel better.