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Get More Out Of Your Classes This Semester

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With the spring semester coming quickly ahead, I wanted to share some of my tips and tricks on getting the most out of your class time. I have found that these methods have helped me be better prepared for my classes as well as retain the information from my classes efficiently.

Before Class:

There are several things that I like to do before my classes to prepare.

  1. Read and take detailed notes of materials for that day’s class.
  2. Think of at least two questions or ideas about the material.
  3. Check the syllabus for any assignments that may be due.

During Class:

  1. GET TO CLASS ON TIME! There’s nothing worse than walking into class mid-lecture and being completely lost for the remainder of it. I like to arrive to my classes at least 10 minutes early, so I can begin setting up my notes and can speak to my professors if needed.
  2. Sit towards the front! You’re less likely to pull out your phone and get distracted.
  3. Take bullet point notes! Don’t worry about copying the slides word for word, focus on what the instructor says as that is what’s most likely to be on the exam. This is not the time to make your notes cute just focus on getting as much information as possible (but don’t worry, we’ll make our notes #aesthetic later).
  4. Participate as much as possible! You are likely to get more out of class if you are actively engaged.

After class:

  • Add any new assignments to planner. I personally like to use Notion for this, it’s become one of my new favorites for organization.
  • Orgainzie and Re-write your notes. This is personally my favorite part, and I can honestly say ever since I started re-writing out my notes after class I have retained so much more information! So go get creative, the cuter the better!
  • Complete any assignments due next class.

There you have it, my tips and tricks on how I get the most out of my classes. Have a fantastic spring semester!

Jasmine Volz

Binghamton '23

Jasmine is currently a student and Her Campus Chapter Leader at Binghamton University. Outside of school she is probably scrolling through tiktok, testing out a new local coffee shop, or spending time with friends. She hopes to persue a carrer in Journalism or Public Relations.
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