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Fairylights (a poem on self love)

Fairy lights


Her thoughts light up her mind

Fairy lights fluttering about 

Leaving ill will behind

Shielding her from her self doubt


She lets them encompass her

Their warm and kind embrace 

As they try to remind her 

Maybe she’s not such a disgrace 


They welcome her into a fairytale

Princes whisking her away 

The damsel in distress is doomed to fail 

Perhaps a man will remold her delicate clay 


She dreams of nights that have since passed 

And new ones that will be 

Oh, how she loves to dance and laugh 

The taste of what it is to be free 


She dwells in bygone memories 

And new ones soon to be made 

But the joke of her frivolous frienzies 

Is she’s not happy now, today 


See what the fairy lights don’t tell her 

As they set her mind aflame

Is happiness is deep inside her 

Not something waiting to take aim


No man or prince or charmer

Can unveil what’s in her core

For it is she who wears the armour

That covers her gold ore 


Yet ore it needs refinement 

Needs to be scrubbed to see its worth 

If only she’d see her lonely confinement 

Has not been this way since birth 


So let me please remind you

To let your walls come down

If only I could unwind you 

I fear in your layers you do drown 


Fairy lights are powerful

Flickering thoughts warm and new 

But you’ve let them overcome you

Setting ablaze the girl you once knew so true 


So come out please, I’m waiting

It’s me, your inner voice

Life’s real, it’s hard, it’s grating 

But it is your only choice 


To live amongst the scary

Is to be brave and strong and smart

For that’s how fairytales are built

I promise, easy isn’t worth the heart


Let your fairy lights guide you my dear

There is a world filled with life to pursue  

The fairytales are still out there

They are waiting for you too


May your happiness rejoice with the sun

Stop burying it away

Of moon and stars you will become  

Oh, I can’t wait to see the day 


-Lilah Shrier

Lilah Shrier

Binghamton '21

Lilah is a senior at Binghamton University and is curently in the fast track program to receive her MBA. She is a big believer in living life to the fullest and loves to look at life with the glass half full. She believes any day can be a great day if you want it to be, it's all about your mindset! Her passions include teaching yoga, playing tennis, travelling, netflixing, and of course, her dog Shnookles. She hopes to bring joy and genuinity to your life with her articles about college's ups and downs.
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