Why You Don't Need A Summer Fling

Why do we all crave summer romance? Is it the fact that a summer fling is the premise of virtually every rom-com we’ve ever seen? Maybe it’s because there are ads of a basically naked couple on the beach in every magazine we’ve ever opened? We are predestined to desire a relationship during the hottest, shortest season of year. But why?


First, let’s delve into the definition of a “fling.”


A fling would be a relationship that is fleeting and intentionally temporary. A fling offers some fun without the commitment of a long-term relationship. No matter what the season, a fling isn’t good for anyone involved.


Some people take solace in the fact that the relationship will not last, while others may get emotionally invested over time. This only makes the end of the fling more difficult.




Why do we desire to deliberately waste our time with someone temporary when we can spend both June and July bettering ourselves?


There are plenty of other things to do over the summer that don’t include a temporary boy.


Lay out in the park and bring a book instead of a boy.


Get a jump start on all those books you can’t read during the school year. Your dog can be your date, if you so choose. You can lay out and get some sun locally without the need to spend money on gas or airfare for a beach trip, or you can be a picnic princess. More food for you.




Make an effort to learn something new.


When you set out to learn something, you can learn a lot about yourself and how you tick. Maybe learn a new instrument or study the choreography to that dance you’ve been dying to learn. You can do it. Practice, practice, practice. Channel your inner grandmother and take up knitting! You’ll beam when you tell people that you made that super cute scarf. Hey, it’s custom made (and free for the most part). Come fall, you may even be able to charge peers for your crafts.





Meditate (relocate outdoors for increased tranquility)


According to The Art Of Living, meditation has both mental and physical benefits. On a physical level, meditation increases serotonin production, which also improves your mood. While you’re gaining clarity and peace of mind, your emotional stability is improving, too. Try and work meditation into your daily routine. When you start your day with some time to and for yourself, there’s nowhere else to go but up.


Splurge because you deserve it.


Being single means that you’re not spending money on gifts for someone else, so why not gift yourself? You’ve been working hard all year. RetailMeNot is flooded with coupons and codes for online endeavors. You could even get ahead and start building your fall wardrobe, and since summer is in full swing, clothing for colder weather is discounted.


Set your own goals and build a better, healthier you.


Instead of commenting #goals on various snapshots of countless lifestyles, strive for it. Go for a quick run around the block to clear your head. That euphoric feeling that comes with a workout is what your body craves. Challenge yourself. Grind in the summer for those crop tops in the spring. A healthier you is a happier you, and with happiness comes confidence. Remind yourself that you’re unstoppable and watch June and July fly by without a fling.