Your Vote, Your Voice

In recent years, we’ve heard a lot about the importance of voting. But what about now? Did you know that the midterm elections are right around the corner? Election day is November 6th, and it’s still super important!

For those who say that it doesn’t matter or that your vote can’t actually make a difference, I have some news for you. It really can make a huge difference. Currently, only about 75% of people who are eligible to vote are actually registered to do so. And if losing that 25% of voters wasn’t already devastating enough, only about 40% of registered voters (this is just over 50% of potential eligible voters overall) actually came out in the last midterm elections. What’s more is that we, as millenials, were even more disappointing in coming out to the polls. Only around 20% of millenials voted in either of the past two midterm elections. We need to go out and vote more. 50% of the population should not have the power to vote and make decisions for the rest of us.

Nationally, what happens during the midterms makes a huge difference. *One third* of the senate seats as well as the *entire* House of Representatives are up for elections. This could completely change the political lay out of Washington as both houses could change parties. As both houses are currently Republican, as is our president, they work as a pretty united front. If one of the houses were to change, there would be a lot more compromising that would have to happen. If Democrats were able to win both houses, it would basically be like legislative vs. executive, and who doesn’t want to see that battle play out?

Midterms also matter on a state level as well. While the people on the ballot will end up in charge of a lot at the national level, these same people also would be making many laws at the state level that could affect our everyday lives. Some of these issues include redistricting, abortion laws, health care, LGBTQ rights, and even gun policies. All of these are very pertinent issues that we’re facing today and that need to be addressed today. With these midterms, those who will be in office will be the ones to make such changes, and you can be the one to pick who it is who does this.

I hope to see you all out at the polls on November 6th. If you’re not already registered to vote you can do so here and if you need to have an absentee ballot you can sign up for one here.




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